Basic characteristics

Lottery comes in many formats such as number lottery, money lottery, lottery of goods and instant lottery.

Number lottery is a game of chance in which winning is conditional on guessing a certain number, several numbers, a combination of numbers or a number sequence. In a number lottery, the number of bettors or the amount of the game principal is not determined in advance, and the win is calculated according to the number of winners or the total amount of bets by a predetermined proportion, or it is determined by a multiple of the bet according to how the bettor guessed the number of draws determined by the game plan from the limited number of numbers drawn during the draw numbers.

Lottery of money or goods means a game of chance in which winning is conditional on the drawing of a certain lottery ticket. The operator issues a certain number of lottery tickets with serial numbers. If the lots are divided into several series, each series must contain the same number of lots and each lot must be marked next to the serial number with the designation of the series. The sale price of each lottery ticket must be the same in all series. All tickets issued will be included in the draw.

Instant lottery means a game of chance, where the win is conditional on a winning combination after wiping the covered part of the ticket. In the case of an instant lottery, the winner will know the possible winnings immediately after the covered part of the ticket is revealed.